Lola Elliott

Lola Elliott


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lola Elliott is licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience providing social services and counseling support to individuals, groups, adolescents, and families in crisis. She worked as a medical social worker in a hospital setting for eight years providing counseling, crisis management, planning and coordination of internal and external services, transition/discharge planning.

"In life, we experience challenges such as trauma, family conflict, crisis, physical illness, unemployment grief/loss and/or social challenges that can affect our quality of life. Together we will work to overcome barriers, to maximize your life experience and not allow the past to paralyze you from enjoying today and having a healthier and happier tomorrow."

Her style is warm and creative from a strength-based perspective. Creative in the sense that she provide tailored support to help individuals, families, and groups identify and manage psychological, emotional and behavioral change.

She had the opportunity to serve the community in many diverse roles such as school social worker, group facilitator and mental health therapist.

Her experience includes but is not limited to: grief/loss and transition support, foster parent training and orientation, social and emotional support to individuals and families, crisis management, planning and coordination of community services, domestic violence early prevention group facilitation, early intervention and prevention for at-risk youth, working with children and families involved in the criminal justice system.