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Marriage Intensive

Get the Experience help you need with a One, Two, Three, Four or Five day Marriage Intensive ($1,500-$7,500). You, and your spouse meet privately with Dr. Maul and a female therapist. You will not be in a group.

It’s just the two of you with Dr. Maul. In this powerful therapy, many couples discover greater understanding, greater willingness to work together, renewed commitment, and renewed love.

A marriage intensive is:
The best help for marriages in serious trouble
The fastest help for couples at a decision point
The surest way to find out what needs to change
The clearest way to find out whether you can save your marriage

You and your spouse meet privately with Dr. Maul and a female therapist. You will not be in a group. This intensive is separate from the weekend group retreat in February

Why Marriage Intensive

A marriage intensive works well for people who are deciding whether to divorce. It’s much faster than months and months of weekly appointments. In a marriage intensive you get away from the distractions of work, family, and chores. You’ll have enough time to be heard fully and understood. You’ll get to the root of the issues is in a very short time. You’ll get a clear picture about what it would take to be happy together.

A marriage intensive is recommended for couples dealing with:
Divorce or separation
Anger, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse
Affairs or betrayal
Self-centeredness or narcissism
Control issues or power struggles
Withdrawal or isolation
Lack of sexual intimacy
Parenting or family conflicts
Irreconcilable differences
Communication breakdown

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